Wii Bowling and following God

Nathan (my 3 year old) has suddenly gotten addicted to Wii Sports Resort, more specifically to the bowling game. He has learned that he has to aim his shot before he throws, but he isn’t quite sure where to aim most of the time. He knows he wants it in the middle, but finding the middle sometimes is hard. So he will aim where the shot is going to go and then say, “right there, Daddy?” This normally happens at least 20 times during a game (unless he gets a strike and then he doesn’t have to take a second shot that frame).

After answering whether or not he was in the right place for the seemingly millionth time I started thinking about my life and how I should be with my heavenly Father. Isn’t the idea of praying without ceasing this idea of consistently checking with God about your aim? How much better would be be in life if we would on a regular basis check what we are doing against God’s design. I can think of several mistakes I wouldn’t have made and even more rabbits I wouldn’t have chased.

So the big question is now that I have used this as an illustration can I count my Wii as a job expense for tax purposes?

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