Wild Fruit

I wandered from my seat at the park towards the water and saw something I don’t think I have ever seen before. The water is low here and so there is a large patch of land that is normally under water is exposed and drying out. I was standing on the retaining wall looking down at the ground when suddenly I saw it…a watermelon growing on a vine. Yes right up against the wall there is a wild watermelon plant growing with not one, but two small melons starting to grow.

I have been sitting here thinking about that plant for a while now. Where did they come from? I assume someone just carelessly threw part of a watermelon over the wall. Or maybe a bird was scavenging the remains of a picnic and then deposited the seed there. No matter how it got there I doubt it was planned. Someone unknowingly planted a seed and God in his amazing greatness provided just the right conditions for it to grow.

O if we could only see the results of the seeds that we plant in our daily lives. Would we live differently?

There are some times when we plant seeds that lead people to God. It may be a word or a small act of kindness that we forget about, but that God uses to lead someone to Him. But I think there are also times–when we forget who we are and whose we are—when we carelessly lay seeds that lead people away from God. We speak a word in anger or jealousy. We lash out because we do not get our way. Would we do life differently if we could see those seeds growing into fruit?

O great God, help me to see the seeds that I am sewing. Show me again and again that I am yours and that everything I do impacts those around me.

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