Alright tonight was Wildlife night our monthly middle school worship gathering that is all about how messy we can make them and still get their attention back to the worship. Tonight I really went over the top. I think it was the messiest we have ever been. Well the gauntlet night was probably the messiest, but this one was a close second. It amazes me to see the students transformed and wanting to get messy. In fact most of them are begging to get ketchup, jell-O, and apple sauce thrown on them. It is way too much fun.

I think we get too serious in youth ministry (and in big church for that matter) and we forget how much fun it is just to laugh. Also when you pull the middle school kids out separate from the senior high guys they really get to relax and not worry so much about being cool so you really see them act more like kids. I have said that before, but every time I see it I find it to be true again.

I would love to have separate senior high and middle school groups. Right now I am doing little things to separate them and minister to their individual needs, but it would be really great to have two separate ministries. Of course that would mean having someone else on staff, and I want someone to lead music first.

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