Winter Grumblings

I got a call from someone tonight talking about some grumbling going on in the church. If you aren’t a pastor you don’t really know how common this is. I will never in my life figure out why people get together and complain about stuff. You would think that the church is all about them, and all about meeting their needs, and making sure that everything is just the way that they want it. Just once I want someone to complain, not that we are having a meeting at a weird time, or that the deacons don’t feel like they are involved enough in the decisions about running the church (that is a whole other story all together) but complain that we aren’t doing enough to reach out to poor people and people who don’t look like us and who don’t believe all that we believe. That is the kind of church that I want to be a part of.

But that rant is one that I have been on a million times before, so I won’t continue. I hung up the phone and was talking to Meredith and said something like, "why do people feel the need to complain? Why don’t they do something instead of griping about stuff." And Meredith said a very profound statement; she said, "It’s January."

And that is the truth of the matter, "It’s January." I don’t know about other churches, but out church gets a little cranky after Christmas. I normallly call it the February blah’s because it always seems to get worse in February. But every year peopel start ya yaing around this time. I don’t know if it is because they are stressed out from the holidays, or missing the sunlight, but it never fails.

One thing I have learned is to keep my head up and wait and "this too shall pass." The other thing I have learned is that if you have a problem with your pastor or a staff member or your church and you pass it around your Sunday school class and to every person you meet, but don’t tell it to your pastor or staff then you are just a part of the problem. 

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