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We are in the middle of a study on wisdom right now. I am using the "How Not to be a Fool" study from Doug Fields and Simply Youth Ministry. Tonight I added my own case studies to the middle of the lesson. Case studies are something that I think work amazingly well in student ministry, but I don’t use them as often as I would like because writing them is time consuming. So I thought I would add the ones I used tonight so that you guys can can use them. Check them out after the jump.


Case Study One :

Billy is failing History. He has never really had a problem with bad grades before, but he tanked his first test. This was due mostly to the fact that he didn’t study. He did go to a study session with a bunch of his friends from class, but Sarah was there so he didn’t get much studying done.

The second test is tomorrow and the same group of friends are getting together to study again. All of them did great on the first test and they are sure to have good notes, but Sarah is going to be there again.

Is it wrong to get together and study with your friends?

So what is the wise thing for Billy to do?



Case Study Two :

Amy is just getting out of a relationship. Tony turned out not to be the guy that she thought he was. In the beginning (back when Amy was still dating Brad) Tony had been so nice to her and treated her like a queen. It seemed like a good idea to break up with Brad to go out with Tony. After 2 weeks she was in love with him.

But the relationship went south and Tony cheated on her and then left her for the other girl. That all happened yesterday.

Today Randy walked up to Amy and asked her if she wanted to go out with him. Randy is “like totally hot” and Amy thinks he is nice.

Is it wrong for teenagers to date?

So what is the wise thing for Amy to do?



Case Study Three :

James is sitting home alone on a Friday night and not very happy about it. At around 8 o’clock Bobby calls and says that the guys are going out to the lake to hang out.

James wants to go, but he isn’t sure if it is a good idea. The last time he went out to the lake with these guys they all got drunk (including James) and Tommy almost drowned (like for real they had to call the ambulance and everything). James doesn’t want to just sit at home. Maybe he can go and not drink he thinks as he picks up the phone to call Bobby back.

What do you think is the wise thing for James to do?


Do you think that James has some responsiblilty to his friends? Should he go to make sure that they stay safe? 

One thought on “Wisdom Lesson Case Studies

  • January 19, 2008 at 12:18 AM

    We just finished the "How Not to be a Fool" series before Christmas. I have Small Group Discussion guides and 5-day devotion type take home sheets for each week if you’d like to use them. I don’t know how good they are, but you’re more than welcome to use them in exchange for a little feedback. Email me and I’ll send them to you, They’re already formatted to print and cut out half pages with graphics from the series and everything. I wish I’d had these case studies back when we did it. I cut and pasted them onto my archive disk to use when/if we do the series again in a few years. Hope you don’t mind; I’ll give you credit of course. Thanks!
    Chad Dillard
    Youth Pastor
    New Bethel Baptist Church
    Forest City, NC


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