Wookie’s First Day

If you are a regular listener to God Geeks (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be) you know that my co-host Chris “Wookie” Goins is headed to college this summer. As you know from God Geeks Chris is the ultimate Geek, and proud of it. He requested a private dorm room, and so he packed up all of his comic books, action figures, and games and headed to the Baptist College of Florida.

Around 2:00 on Sunday I got this text. “I’m here. I have a roommate. He’s a jock.” I just couldn’t help but laugh because I know that that same guy was texting his friends saying. “I’m here. I have a roommate. He brought comic books and action figures.”

Anyway, Chris and I still need to get the skype stuff worked out, but we hope to continue with the God Geeks podcast soon.

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