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Did you know that word has a word count toolbar. Granted I haven’t decided whether it is faster than just hitting ctrl+shift+g yet, but I honestly didn’t know it was there until today. I guess you learn something new everyday.

In case you wonder why I am adding this update it is because I can say how ever many words I want on this blog and no one will tell me that I am saying too much. After an hour of trying to find 100 words to trim I just needed room to move around a bit.

One thought on “Word Count Toolbar

  • February 22, 2009 at 4:51 AM

    Hi Shane
    This site is awesome & I just stumbled onto it. looking for experential worship ideas, but I got so much more than I expected You ideas are different which is what I am looking for – plus I love poetry and try some of mine own occasionally Haven’t read many of your blogs yet but guess I’m hooked now. A few 5min worship ideas would be helpful I have saved this site. for extended use.
    Plus I walways use the tool bar cos I can never remember the key codes


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