Work, and the reasons behind it.

I haven’t really talked much about our upcoming mission trip, but preparation for it has pretty much dominated my thoughts and free time lately. We are leaving on Saturday so this is the big push for me to get everything packed and ready to go. I have been checking things off of my 2 page to do list for a while, and I have been just sort of putting my head down and pushing through trying to get stuff done this week.

Well, tonight we had our commissioning service for this trip and one of the ladies that went last year got up and spoke about the trip. She talked about the change that we saw in students and their deep, deep need for us to share the love of Christ with them. Suddenly my eyes were opened and I remembered why I am doing all of this stuff. It is like I get tunnel vision from time to time and God has to wack me over the head to remind me of the great joy that is in my work. The stuff that I am doing has real value. I am in the business of changing lives. Sometimes it is a pretty thankless job, but then God shows me again that all of this effort makes an eternal difference and suddenly the work takes on a whole new dimension.  

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