I claim that I worked all day yesterday (from 9:00 until about 2:00 in the morning) but Meredith says otherwise. She claims that spending time on this new computer is playing not working. We have compromised and now I am saying that I was busy all day yesterday.

I forgot how much work it is to switch computers. There are programs to install, preferences to set, and extensions to add. Then there is the black hole called “My Documents” that I have to figure out what I need to have actually in the computer and what can be stored on my portable hard drive. I have 100 GB of HD space on this thing so I want to be sure that I have everything I need, but at the same time this is a new computer I want it to be clean and ready to go. (Speaking of that large hard drive I have had this computer less than 24 hours and I already have 45 GB of stuff on it. I am a data pack rat)

I was going to try to squeeze a spiritual point in here about how when we become Christians we often try to carry our old life with us and make the new life look like the old. All that ends up doing is bogging us down, and most of our lives as Christians is just trying to delete all this stuff that we brought with us. But you guys would see through that and know that it was just a poor excuse for me to brag about my new computer.

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