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If you are searching the web and finding this site you probably already know about Worship House Media. But if you don’t you should check them out. Their downloads are quick. Their site is well organized and easily searchable. They have helped me out many times over the past few weeks. They are great for when someone says, “Hey, I think a video would be good in the service tonight. Do you have anything on prayer that is short and serious, but relevant.

And if you work with media in a church for any time at all you will have those conversations.  

While you are there be sure to check out COLLIDE magazine. I got the first issue free and I am hooked.  

One thought on “Worship House Media

  • September 28, 2007 at 6:35 AM

    Leslie emailed me this: "Hey you probably already know this but http://www.bluefishtv.com is great too and their videos are only $1.99."

    I actually did know about it, but I have never used them before. The price sounds right though. Anyone else have experience with them?


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