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Just wanted to add something to the idea that I posted here yesterday. Tonight for our mission trip meeting I did the same basic premise, but instead of the balloon idea we played “scatagories” with the God is section. It looked like this:

Break the group up into teams of 3. Have each team label the paper with the Alphabet A-Z. Give each team 5 minutes to come up with words that complete the sentence “God is…” and start with each letter of the Alphabet. Then bring the groups back together and award 1 point for each word that the group has that is unique (not also used by another group)

This game makes people try to think of different ways to describe God, and also can be a good springboard for discussion. (For instance tonight someone said that God is “trusting”. I have been thinking about that all night. I know God is trustworthy, but is he trusting? Is he trusting me with his plan or is he just letting me think I am helping.) There were a few others that I didn’t think really applied to God. (someone said voluptuous because they couldn’t think of a V word) But even those created a good discussion as people looked to see if they applied to God. It was a nice way to praise.

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  • July 7, 2006 at 7:12 PM

    A smidge off-subject. as I often am, but saw a pretty neat activity a couple of weeks ago at a Relay for Life event. You’ve probably seen it, too. Marshmallow golf? Using irons (didn’t see any drivers) on the big marshmallows to see who could get the best distance. Not sure how you could tie it into worship, but I know you often do the messy Gallagher-type activites with your kids.

  • July 8, 2006 at 3:55 AM

    Even more fun things to hit with a golf club: Eggplants, Eggs, pudding cups, cans of shaving cream (wear goggles it explodes) Sandwich bags full of ketchup, syrup, or anything else slimy, lettuce, Snowballs (the hostess cakes) and Twinkies.


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