Seed Worship

There was a time when once a month our youth group would have what I called “Friday Night Connections.” We had a large group of committed upperclassmen who would participate in the worship in the set up and leading of the worship times. The idea was something that I would love to do again. We would meet on Friday night for worship, have a station time open for as long as students wanted and when they were finished they could go down to the youth area to hang out. Probably my favorite part of the whole thing was that most of the “on stage” stuff was student led.


This is a creative worship outline that deals with new beginnings. It is best used around the start of a new season (New years, new school year, etc). It uses the idea of a seed as a jumping off point for several discussions about new directions and growing in Christ.

How it works

This is an outline for a creative worship service followed by a time of worship using several prayer stations spread around the room. The idea is to walk through the outline as a group and then play some soft music as worshipers interact individually at the stations. You will need to have the stations set up and ready before the worship time begins.

The Outline

Seed Worship

  • Opening: Prayer
  • Song Set 1: (Depending on your setting you may want to use slightly less upbeat songs here)
    • Every Move I Make (The David Crowder Band version is my favorite)
    • Light the Fire Again (Brian Doerksen)
  • SEED introduction (see below)
  • Song Set 2:
  • Dramatic Reading: Seeds
  • Pass out seeds for the prayer activity
  • Seeds Prayer Activity 
  • Growth Video (As a option you can play this video while you are doing the Seeds Prayer Activity. After the prayer activity is finished let this video play. When it finishes move to the next step)
  • Seed Object Lesson (See Below)
  • Give short instructions about the stations (see below)
  • Prayer
  • Seed Prayer Stations



SEED Introduction

We meet here tonight to look back at our lives and where God has brought us and to look ahead to what God can do through us over the course of this next year.

We are like seeds waiting to be planted. God has been working in our lives. This is evident in the fact that we are here. Just as a seed shows that there were parent plants, your presence here shows that God has been at work in your life. The seed also shows amazing potential. Every oak tree grows from a single small acorn. And as we look at a seed we see the shadow of the plant that it will become.

God has invited us to be a part of His plan to change the world. He has called us to take part in sharing His love with those around us. He has great things ready for us this year and great plans to glorify His name through us as we learn and as we grow. Like the seed when you look close we can see the shadow of the person you will become.

But all of that potential will remain simply potential unless you make a choice to follow God. Following God’s path isn’t easy. Choosing God’s way isn’t choosing the simple way.

Jesus says in John 12:

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. [25] The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. [26] Whoever serves me must follow me

Choosing God’s way requires turning away from some of our own desires and some of the things that we have been chasing after. It means dying to self and choosing God as your Lord. It isn’t an easy path, but it is a necessary one. Only when you choose God’s path can you grow to be who God has planned for you to be.


Seed Object Lesson

Materials Needed:

  • Pot filled with dead plants and weeds
  • Seeds

(The idea is to clean out the pot, plant the seed, and water it all as you are talking through this object lesson)

If you were going to plant this seed in this pot you probably wouldn’t leave this thing like it is. You would take the time to remove the weeds and other things that might hinder the growth of your seek.

After you plant the seed you wouldn’t just leave it there or it would never grow. You would add water and sunlight to the pot so that your seed could grow into an adult plant.

For you to reach your potential this year you need to do some preparation of the environment as well. Some of you may need to weed your lives. Some of you have some relationships that aren’t God’s best for your life. Some of you are making some choices about what you watch and listen to that you need to remove from your life. Some of you need to remove the fear that you have of talking to people about God. Some of you need to remove that hidden sin that you have been holding on to for all of this time. Whatever it is make a commitment tonight to remove the weed from you life.

You also need to add some things to your soil. You water your soil when you spend time with God. Spend time praying and reading your bible. Find ways to worship him privately and with other people. Get involved in the things that God cares about—helping others. Choose right now to spend more time with God this year

Finally understand that only God can make your life grow. You can do all of the right things, but if you try to do them without God you will never grow. God is the sunlight that you need. He is the life that you are desperate for. Never forget to turn daily towards him. Let this be a year that you grow to all that God has planned for you to be.


Introduction to the Stations:

As we close tonight you are invited to spend time here worshiping with God. Don’t feel like you need to always been involved in a station. Feel free to simply sit in silence at God’s feet. Let’s pray and continue to worship together.

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