Sun, August 01, 2021


I had a vision of asking God one question

One chance to hear directly

To know completely

To remove all of the doubt and just

Hear truth

My question wasn’t why is there evil

Or why do parents die

I didn’t care about the dinosaurs

Or why doesn’t God prove himself

My mind flew past questions of





And all of the other ologies that people have been arguing about for centuries

The question that rose up in me

Didn’t come from my mind,

But rose up from deep down on the inside

From deep dark dank hidden places

Where fears and insecurities live and fester
The question erupted from me

Tearing right past false me

Past false bravado

false macho

Even right past pride

No longer would it be silent

And wait

If God was listening

and going to answer

Then it would no longer be hidden

No longer be held-down

Made silent




Or dismissed

It had to know

And so it came

before I could stop it with other fears


“I’ve got it all together” pushed back down


“Don’t let anyone see that you’re weak” forced it back down

it came

cause every piece of laughed at childhood had to know

all the memories of fat and slow had to know

all of the times when people had made me feel







Had to know



Am I doing a good job?

1 thought on “Insecurities

  1. Theresa Miller says:

    It’s not about us , we live in a fallen world, but if we allow God in , He takes our hurts and uses it for His glory . Those painful times or memories can be used to help others and grow in character. God never leaves us empty we have to allow Him access to all our heart .

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