Worship Stations: Cartoon Praise

This station created some of the coolest works of art that I have seen in our worship times at Calvary. I still have 2 of the cartoon illustrations.

Materials Needed: Art paper; Various art supplies (fine tipped markers are what we used), tape or tacks to attach the illustrations to a focal wall.

Set Up: Place the instuction sheet and the art supplies on a table. Be sure the wall for the finished pieces is clearly marked. If you have a chance go ahead and create one piece yourself and place it on the wall. This will help people to have a better idea what to do and where to put their drawings.

The Text: Take a piece of paper and use a pen to divide it into 6 large squares. Create a “cartoon of praise” to God in the style of the Sunday comics.

Here are some ideas:

  • You can illustrate your story (how you came to know Christ) you can use some squares to show what your life was like before God and some to show what your life is like now.
  • You can simply use each square to represent a different aspect of who God is. One square could represent his goodness, another his holiness, etc.
  • You could draw a cartoon representing a hard time in your life, a time when you needed God and he came through for you.
  • Use your God given imagination to come up with new ways of praising God.

If you can’t think of any cartoon of praise then use the art material provided to create your own worship art.

Once you have finished tape them to the wall to add them to our collective worship experience.

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