Worship Stations (Magnetix)

Materials Needed: Magnetix toys approximately 50 pieces. Snack sized sandwich bags.

Set Up: Place 7 or 8 Magnetix pieces into a plastic bag. This station is designed to be something that people pick up and then find a place to sit. So if you wanted you could add as many bags of Magnetix as you want, but 50 pieces will give you around 7 bags. You will need to determine if you will need more for your group size. Place the Magnetix bags and the instruction sheet on a table.

The Text: (download .pdf) Take a bag of magnets and  one of these sheets from the table. Find a place to be alone. Spend a moment playing with the magnets in the bag and then read through the instructions on this sheet.

Tonight, as you step away from the noise of the world you will feel the pull of God on your life. Just like these magnets pull the metal spheres God is calling to you and drawing you to him. When God speaks to your life you always have to make a decision. You can choose to surrender to God’s pull or you can be repelled by it. You can choose either direction, but you must choose. You will not leave this place the same way that you arrived.

Spend some time right now asking God to give you the strength to choose him. Ask God to be real to you and to make his presence known to you. Ask him to draw you to him like metal to a magnet. Pray and ask God to let you worship him in spirit and in truth as you move through the rest of your time here and as you go home.

When you are finished prayer place the magnets back in the bag and return them to the table.

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