Worship Wars

I was reading through the internet today some stuff on worship that a friend suggested, and it was some really cool insight. But as I read I was a little sad. It was all about the conflict in many churches about styles of worship and there is a part of me that was hoping that was over. There is a part of me that keeps thinking, wasn’t this a 90’s fight? Can we really still be arguing over this stuff? But it never seems to go away. Maybe one day we will finally move past an argument of worship style and move to an argument of are we really worshiping.

If we could find authentic worship maybe we could find Christians who put God first, not their church first. Maybe we could finally reach out to our friends with the love of Christ. Maybe we could stop being afraid of failing as pastors and actually charge after God where he is leading us. Maybe we could stop hording our little lives like they were of value and loose our lives to gain God’s big and amazing life. Maybe we could find that we are free from the law and from guilt and since we are free we can choose to serve others. Maybe we could, all of us, reach out and help those people around us no matter if they look like us or believe like us, and then maybe when people outside of our Christian ghetto hear the name of Jesus they won’t think, "Sounds like a nice guy, until you meet his friends."

I would settle for just one of those maybe’s to be true in my life.

5 thoughts on “Worship Wars

  1. Andy says:

    Shane, it’s still a fight. I know it is at our church still, I’ve discussed it with our worship leader recently. They do a good job of mixing hymns with praise and contemporary though, so I don’t think there are as many complaints as there used to be. I have to wonder though, at what point do you say “I’m staying at this church no matter what kind of worship style they have because it’s all about my attitude, not the music” versus “I think I’ll go to that church down the road from now on, because I feel that I am able to worship more freely and comfortably there, they have the same ‘worship voice’ as me.” Where do you draw the line? Where’s the distinction?

  2. andrew says:

    I may be way off. Chicago is not exactly the land of the Southern Baptists. In light of that, churches formally aligned with what I’m used to are few and far between. In the church I’m going to, I love the music. Since I haven’t been shown any inconsistencies with what I believe, theologically speaking b/c I’m such the theologian, I choose to return to that church. When I think about going to another church, I hurt because I like the worship style so much here. To comment on your question, I have drawn the line at the music because so far, the other things are equal to me.

    This is a stretch, but stay with me. Pretend you’re van shopping and find 2 vans that meet your requirements. If one has power windows and the other doesn’t, take the one with the power windows, if you think you’d like to have them.

    Now, if you’ve already got a van that’s doing the job, how do you convince the ‘budget committee’ that you need to add power windows to the van you have, when it seems to already be doing the job.

  3. Andy says:

    I think I’m going to switch which Youth Minister blog I currently read…I’m just not getting my needs met at this one. After all, it’s all about me, my wants, my desires. Since I’m not getting fullfilled here, I’m starting to think this isn’t an “authentic blog” at all, actually.

  4. Andy says:

    Hmmm…when I wrote the above comment, I put little “sarcasm on” and “sarcasm off” notes at the beginning and end of the actual text, but they didn’t show up on the website once it posted. Just so everyone knows, my comments above are in jest. I’ll still be checking in here for my daily Average Youth Minister guy blog update.

  5. John says:

    It is the whole church is a shopping mall mentality that drives me crazy. Where do we get off thinking that church is there to meet my needs and serve me exactly the way I want it. When can we in the church wake up and realize what church is about. It is not about us, it is about Him. We are so selfish. Lord help us.

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