Writer’s Conference

I am in wannabe-Christian-writer-nerd heaven. I am so excited about tomorrow that I can hardly contain myself. It was too cool checking in to a hotel with my rooms already handled and then to ask, “You guys are supposed to have a notebook for me” and them give it to you was wayyyyy too cool. It is like I am someone important or something.

This week I am at the Lifeway Bible Studies for Life writer’s conference for their youth curriculums.  I don’t really know if that is the right title or not, but we are working on the writing for Life Focus, Life2 (pronounced squared not two) and Life FX curriculums. Actually I am not a writer, I am an Ideator (whatever that means) so my job is to sit in a room and give the writers ideas that they can use when they go back to their homes and write the material. It should be a crazy couple of days.

Tonight was just an orientation, but we got a chance to meet the other people we will be writing with and also an overview of where we are heading. I have been looking at the lesson outlines for a few weeks now so I am ready to start throwing out ideas.

Here is why I think this is wannabe-Christian-writer-nerd heaven:

  • I get to sit with people and talk about spiritual stuff and lesson ideas all day tomorrow
  • I get to do some (very little) writing
  • I get to spend the next 2 nights in a hotel room by myself relaxing and re-focusing on my youth group
  • I got to drive up here all by myself and I get to do the same thing on the way home (I am listening to Taliesin by Lawhead on my ipod)
  • I get to share with people my ideas and have people listen to them who might actually use them
  • There is a very good chance that something I suggest will get published
  • I am getting paid (I even get an expense report)

You see, it is wayyyyy cool. I know I am a nerd, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

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