X Men: The Last Stand

I actually made it to see a movie on opening weekend this time so I am pretty excited about writing about it. Let me start by saying that a bunch of the coolness of a movie like this is seeing things for the first time up on screen so I don’t want to mess it up for anyone by talking about a whole bunch of stuff. Let me just say that it is worth seeing. If you are an X-Men fan you shouldn’t even be reading this; you should be out watching it right now.

If you aren’t an X-Men fan then it is a little trickier. I don’t really know if it will appeal to you. The story works on its own but without some emotional attachment to the characters you may not really get into the show. I also think for a comic book movie it tended to take itself a little too seriously in a couple of places, but the fanboy in me thought it was great.

There were some really great new superheroes with powers that I hadn’t seen before, and others used their powers in some really great ways. All in all I would say if you like X-Men run out and see it. If you don’t, you may want to check out Mission Impossible 3 first, but this is still a fun summer blockbuster. 

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