Your Prayers; Their Shield

Tomorrow night we are closing our prayer study with a lesson on praying for your friends. I have become really burdened by this topic during the past few weeks and this lesson is one that I am looking forward to teaching.

Our prayers are vital to our friends. We need to do more than just pray for them when they are going through hard times. We should be praying for their protection from the enemy, for their holiness and purity and that they will follow God’s will for their lives. This isn’t just some "oh yeah I need to pray for my friends" sort of thing. You’re prayers are a shield between your friends and the enemy. They are important. Think how much more we could accomplish as a church if the people of the church were praying for each other in such a direct way.

I know for me that people do pray for me. Often in the face of temptation I find strength I didn’t know that I have and I know that people are praying for my holiness. My heart leaps at the thought of students praying for each other in this way.

So tomorrow night we are doing a little activity. I have made several shields (you can download the .wmf here). I printed them on card stock and cut them out. We are going to pass them out and then have the students pray for their friends on the shield. I am giving them some options. They can choose one friend and journal a prayer for that one friend. They can simply write the names of their friends on the shield as a reminder to pray for them. The can do a combination of those two by journaling a prayer for several friends. The will be doing all of this using art supply stuff (markers, colored pencils, and crayons) so I will also give them the option of drawing their prayers for their friends. When they are finished they will take their shields home and put them in a place to remind them to pray for their friends.

I think this would also make a great "drop-in" prayer activity for youth or for church as most people can get behind the idea of praying for their friends.  

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