You’re Beautiful

Thanks for your ideas about Beauty. I think the article that Andy posted was pretty cool. It seems to me that the "modern" church was afraid of beauty. Beauty isn’t just something to look at. It isn’t just window dressing. Beauty inspires, it meets us where we are and spurs us to be something greater. Beauty reminds us that this world is not our home, and that there is a better life to come. Beauty echoes Eden. Beauty invites us to worship the creator. Beauty transforms.

Wednesday night I talked a great deal about Beauty and about how there is a desire in the heart of every woman to be seen as beautiful. That desire isn’t a bad thing. It is a reflection of God and his desire to be praised for being beautiful and wonderful. The problem is that we have messed up beauty these days. It is either the worlds view which is all about the outside and mostly about sex. Or it is the churches view which is to forget about the outside and try to be a "proper" woman and that will be beautiful. I think God’s way is that what is on the inside transforms the outside and lets real beauty come out.

I tried to help the girls in our group understand that they are beautiful, and they have to let that beauty shine because it is needed in the world. If they could stop hiding from who they are and let their God given beauty shine they could change the world.  

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