Youth Activity: Go Deeper Movie Scenes

I have a file on my desktop called "stuff for Nailscars". It is filled with little ideas that I have collected over the years. I have started organizing them and getting them ready to finally post. I am having a problem with formatting. I love squarespace, but it is makes everything look the same. I may end up making 2 versions of most of these things, a text version and a pdf download version that is in a more usable format. Of course that will take more work, so let’s not hold our breath on that one. Here is one of the ideas. I am going to reorganize soon and create a section just for youth ministry ideas like this one. But until then check it out after the jump.

Go Deeper Movie Scenes Student Sheets 

Go Deeper Movie Scenes


Basic Idea: I love to have my students create short skits that have to do with the lesson. These scenes are all centered around the them GOING DEEPER. This activity works great as an opener for a lesson on going deeper in your faith.

Set up: Divide your group into at least 4 teams. Try to keep the teams to under 7 people if possible. If you need to add more groups have teams double up on the assignments. After 7 or 8 minutes bring the teams back to perform their skits for the whole group. For larger groups where time won’t allow you to have every team share their skit have them partner up with another team and share their skits with each other.

Instructions: Your job is to recreate your assigned movie scene. You don’t have to base it on any one movie, just draw on your knowledge of how movies work and create a 2-5 minute sketch using the following guidelines. You will have 10 minutes to work on your scene. Don’t be afraid to ham it up here. Overacting is the key. Have fun with it. Remember everyone has to be involved in the movie. Be creative with the roles you assign to people.



Some of the best movie moments come right before a group of troops go into battle. From Braveheart to Gladiator, to Crimson Tide they all have the same basic formula. You guys are going into danger, it won’t be easy, but the result at the end (victory, freedom etc.) is worth the effort.

You must create your own going into battle scene complete with grumbling from the soldiers, a grand speech from the commander, and a huge cry and charge into battle. Be creative with your battle though. It doesn’t have to be a real battle. It could be just a paintball war, or maybe a raid on the fridge at your friends house. Remember even if you do a funny battle what will make the scene funny i s being a serious as possible when you present your idea.

The main focus of your movie should be that even though the risk is great the rewards are even greater so your troops should GO DEEPER and charge into battle.

Be sure to involve people in more ways that just a body of soldiers. Let some people be recon or other jobs to add lines to your play. You may have a general that keeps messing up words and a second in command that has to continually correct him. BE CREATIVE!



Think about all of the love stories you have seen from movies. There are lots of different formats that these follow, but a common one is where the guy or girl doesn’t want to give in to love because he/she is afraid of getting hurt. Maybe they have been hurt in the past, or maybe they are just scared of the vulnerability that comes from commitment. They may say things like, “I’m scared, alright! I do love you, with a love that makes me ache, but the other side of me is terrified that you will hurt me!”

Now that you have that kind of scene in mind make up your own scene about that dramatic moment. It could be between the two lovers, or between one of the loves and their best friend. It could also be between a group of people.

The basic idea of the scene should be that someone is afraid to go deeper into a relationship because of their fear of pain, or just of the unknown.

You will have a hard time coming up with roles for everyone so be creative. You may have the guy and the girl in the relationship both having conversations with their friends, or you may just have them in a restaurant with the other diners reacting to their conversation. Use your imagination!



One of the biggest cliché in movies is the half-time rally at a sporting event. It doesn’t have to be football, but it always looks the same. The players are tired and wanting to give up. They don’t think they can win. When the scene opens their heads are down and they are already defeated. Then someone, either the coach or another player, steps in and gives THE SPEECH and all of the players run out onto the field or court and win the game.

Your job is to create your own sports story. Pick a sport and a situation and make your SPEECH scene. Use your imagination when it comes to the situation. Don’t worry if the odds are insurmountable; it may be funnier that way. (i.e. If a football team is down 100 to 0 they aren’t coming back, but the coach could still get them fired up)

Let the focus of your big speech be that the players need to stop just going through the motions and should give all that they have. They need to GO DEEPER and really give the game all that they have.

This is any easy scene to get everyone involved in. Let the team be really whinny and that will give everyone an opportunity to speak. Don’t forget the great, “We’re with you coach!” sort of lines at the end.



There are fewer more cheesy movie moments than those moments when parents try to talk to their teens. Think “ after school special ” here. The story is always that the teenager is just drifting through life. They are partying and not really paying much attention in school, and the parent always says something like, “There is more to life that just getting by!”

Your scene is to recreate a situation like that. You may want to make it a group of kids and a teacher or youth pastor to get more of you involved. Be funny here, but don’t be so funny that everyone else misses the main point of your scene

The main focus of the scene should be that the students are just drifting by and while they think life is pretty good that way, there is a whole other, better world if they will just GO DEEPER and really try.

If you do a large group, you may have several of the students just laugh the whole thing off, but maybe one student who wants more. Be sure to express some of the fears that he/she has about trying and failing. Also include some of the frustrations about a life that isn’t accomplishing anything, “I just feel like I’m not worth anything!” etc.

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