Youth Activity: Need a Change Musical Scenes

I have said many times that I love having students create their own dramas. A few of my guys loved to take those assignments and turn them into musicals. They would simply sing their lines (very badly I might add) rather than say them. So for a lesson on “Making a change in your life” I gave everyone this assignment.

Download the student sheet .pdf 

Set Up: Break your group into teams of no more than 5. Pass out the musical assignment.

The Text: Using everyone in your group you must create a short (less than 5 minute) musical.

Think of someone or some group that needs to make a life altering change and make your musical about that. (for instance someone could need decide to quit college, a group could decide to move to a new city or maybe stop eating dairy)

Your scene needs 4 distinct parts. 1) Some of their life before they change. 2) a realization that they must change 3) the struggle to change and 4) life after the change.

Good luck!

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