Youth Group Lesson Plan: Gross, Weird, True

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Gross, Weird, True is a 4-week youth group Bible study that looks at some of the strange stories and commands in the Bible. It includes instructions on how to incorporate the 60-second games from NBC’s “Minute to Win It.” Included in this download is the complete leader guide; small groups discussion questions for each session; a screen quiz about strange things in the Bible; series art; promotional material; student handouts; a 60-second countdown timer; the original Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign files; and pretty much anything I could think of having to do with this study.

Session 1: Remove the Poop
Deuteronomy 23:12-4; 1 Peter 1:13-16
A look at one of the stranger rules of God from the old testament examining what it teaches us about God’s holiness.

Session 2: Death by Dishonor
Genesis 9:18-29; 2 Kings 2:23-24; Deuteronomy 21:18-20
Starting with the story of Noah naked in his tent and continuing through Elisha cursing youths with a bear to God’s promise in the 10 commandments this lesson takes a look at honoring your parents. 

Session 3: Strong Man’s Weakness
Judges 13-16
A look at some of the stranger events that took place in the life of Samson. This lesson is small group based with students answering questions and reporting back to the group. The overall focus of the lesson is to be controlled by God instead of by our emotions. 

Session 4: The Prophet/Prostitute Wedding 
Hosea 1-3
Is there anything stranger than God commanding Hosea to go and get an adulterous wife? This session wraps up our weird study with a reminder that God wants us to be holy and that he will go to great lengths to help us to become like Him. 

25 thoughts on “Youth Group Lesson Plan: Gross, Weird, True

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  2. Sheri says:

    In session 1, you mention the Strange Bible Quiz. I don’t see that anywhere. Is that available or something I need to come up with on my own?

  3. nailscars says:

    It is the “Gross, Weird, True” Quiz in the resources folder. The name got changed somewhere in transition I guess. Sorry about that.

    1. Annette says:

      I can’t find even the resources folder. Am I missing something?

      1. nailscars says:

        sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Up at the top there are 2 links. One is for just the PDF file and the other is a zip file that has both PDF and a resources folder that has other stuff in it. One of those is a PowerPoint quiz file as well as a folder of the original images I used to make the quiz.

  4. David Hammontree says:

    Thank you so much for this series and all you do. Our students and staff loved this series!

    1. nailscars says:

      I’m so glad you could use it. It was one of my favorites to lead too. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Krystle says:

    Do you have any Messy game ideas for the last two session? We are enjoying them and was surprised to see there arent any for the the other sessions.

  6. nailscars says:

    The only session that really has a “messy” game is session 2, and that is because it fit in with the bald theme, but if you are looking for some ideas for the other two sessions here are a couple to try.

    Session 3
    Shaving Cream Sword Fight
    Materials Needed: 2 Foam Swords, Shaving Cream, a big grassy areas outside
    How to play:
    Each team chooses a champion and an armor bearer
    Conduct sword fights between the teams using the following rules
    Champions fight champions from other teams
    Only two people fight at a time
    Competitors face each other and attempt to hit their opponent with the foam sword. Hits to the head and sword hand don’t count.
    The first person to hit their opponent wins and the other person is eliminated
    In the event of a tie resent and compete again.
    Only one fight happens at a time
    Teams fight “round robin” style with every team fighting every other team until only 1 team has people left to fight. You probably want to write out the match ups so that you don’t miss any matches (so if you have teams A,B,C,D, and E your matches would look like this: A v B; C v D; E v A; B v C; D v E; A v C; B v D; E v C; A v D; B v E)
    If a champion wins a fight he/she fights in her team’s next match
    If a champion loses his/her fight that teams armor bearer fights in the next match
    If an armor bearer loses the fight that team is eliminated and their matches are automatically forfeited
    Keep going around the order until there is only one team left in the competition
    If you are doing the GWT game then award the appropriate number of points to the team that comes in first, second, and third.

    What makes this a gross game is before each fight you should add a bunch of shaving cream to the “blades” of each sword.
    When the two swords clash the resulting spray of shaving cream is really quite remarkable.
    Be sure that the spectators circle around the combatants so that they can get in on the shaving cream fun too.

    Debrief the game by saying: Using shaving cream swords is a strange way to fight, but in the Bible there was a man named Samson who used some pretty strange ways to fight his enemies too.

    Session 4
    Strange Requests

    Write a number of messy requests on strips of paper and place them in a basket or paper bag.
    The requests will vary according to your space and materials that you have on hand, but some ideas include:
    Eat an entire happy meal without using your hands
    Use chocolate syrup to make someone from your team look like a pirate
    Have a partner throw you 4 eggs. You must catch and hold all 4 of them with your hands. You may not set the eggs down or stick them in a pocket or article of clothing.
    Kiss everyone on your team on the forehead while telling them you think they are precious.
    Say the alphabet in under 20 seconds, but don’t say any of the vowels.

    Make up your own actions according to your group and materials.
    Have each team send a volunteer up to complete the strange request

    Debrief by saying: These were some strange requests, but God had an even stranger request for Hosea. What do you think you would do if God came to you with a strange request?

  7. Tammy says:

    I am excited about trying this lesson but I can’t find the quiz for session one even after clicking on the link to the PDF above.

    1. nailscars says:

      The quiz is in the zip file. You can find it in the “Gross, Weird, True Complete” link above. If that file is prohibitively large for me let me know and I will try to get the quiz separated into its own download.

  8. Charisa says:

    Just downloaded the material and very excited about using it! Watching your site for more :)

  9. Murphy says:

    Thanks so much for this series! My kids have loved it! I was wondering if anyone has any other messy game ideas for Session 3? We used shaving cream for session 2, and it was great, but I don’t really want to use it again for this session! Thanks!

  10. Traci says:

    the zip file will not download

    1. nailscars says:

      I just tried it and it worked for me. It is a big file so it may have just timed out on you. If you right click on the zip file link you should be able to choose save as and see if that works. If it doesn’t let me know the steps you used and what browser you are using and I will see if I can find a good way to get the files to you.

      1. traci says:

        got it thanks

      2. Beau says:

        Is there any way that you can send the resource folder to me because I cannot open the zip file. I will just use the PDF to download everything else

  11. Tara Bertic says:

    I just want to tell you what a true blessing your lessons have been to my youth group….and we’ve only just begun! We just started with Gross, Weird and True and they are loving it! We added some cute things to lesson one like the Everybody Poops Youtube and making kitty litter cake for a snack, but your content is what makes this lesson so great! It’s appropriate, straight from God’s Word, fun, and totally attention-grabbing and holding. God bless you for making it free to youth leaders. We usually do messages based on our pastor’s sermons from the Sunday before, but we broke away for a change to stir things up a bit. That’s when I stumbled across G,W&T. It’s awesome. Thank you again so much!

  12. Debbie says:

    I’m having problems with the zip file. After a while my computer comes up with the error “this compressed file is invalid or corrupt.” Is there another way I can receive this information?

    1. nailscars says:

      The Zip File is very big (171MB) but I can put a version of it here without the Adobe files if that would help. You wouldn’t be able to edit anything, but you could get the game files, promo files, and the countdown timer. Let me see if I can get that up today.

      1. nailscars says:

        OK, I added a smaller version of the zip file. This may be an easier get for you. It is only 54.1 MB, but of course it doesn’t contain any of the editable files (Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign stuff). I also knocked off a larger wmv countdown timer and left the mpg4 one as the lone high-def version.

  13. faithfulmo says:

    Thank you for this study! I did it with my teens about a year ago, and they loved it so much they want me to do it again! We have a lot of new youth now and I am excited to bring this set of lessons to them. We didn’t do messy games before, but we might this time. :)

    1. Be sure to check out the comment above from Tara about the Everybody poops video and kittly litter cake. That sounds like fun additions.

  14. Grise says:

    Hello. I love these series. They are awesome. But I have one question…

    Session two has questions about Moses but there are no reference bible verses for it..?? The only reference is Genesis 9:18-29 and its about Noah.

    Did Moses actions change the way the older sons responded?
    Why do you think that Moses responded so harshly to the younger sons actions?
    What so you think we can learn from this for our lives?

    1. nailscars says:

      Yeah, all of those should be Noah instead of Moses. I will try to chance that soon.

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