Youth Lesson Idea: Infomercial

We are talking about being “counter culture” this month and last night was learning to be patient and not run after every new thing that you see. I opened with a conversation on “quick-fix” type products that you see on commercials late at night. Then I broke the students up into groups of 4 or so and gave them this assignment.

Think of a problem that teenagers face (other than losing weight). Come up with a product to fix that problem and create a 30 second commercial to sell your product to the rest of the group. 

Give students around 7 minutes to complete their commercial and then let them present them for the class.

To carry on with the “Phone Phun” idea you could also have students video their 30 second commercial on their phone and then show it off to other groups. Have the students send the videos to your phone so you can save them for later or show them off at the next weeks lesson.

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