Youth Lesson: Love with Actions

I really enjoyed my youth lesson tonight. Mainly because of how great my students were. The groups that lead did a really great job. My ego wants to think it was my lesson, but I am pretty sure it was God and the students. But with that being said I thought I would post this here for you to use.

Love with Actions:

  • Divide your group into 4 teams. Try to keep the teams below 7 people. For larger groups duplicate the assignments. For groups smaller than 12 remove one of the assignments and just have 3 groups. 
  • Download the .pdf of the team assignments and print them for your group
  • Give a brief introduction and then give the teams12 minutes or so to to work on their presentations.
  • Let the teams present their assignment. Their presentation should contain 3 elements. 1) Reading the passages, 2) Asking the questions and leading discussion with them and 3) Presenting their creative element.
  • Each team presentation will take between 5-10 minutes so try to plan accordingly.
  • After the teams are finished debrief. Talk about how love is more than just our words. Love is about our actions.

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