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I was messing around today at Cafepress andI got to thinking about some "confession of an average youth minister"shirts. Here are a few of my ideas. They are all simple text on thefront and the confession of an average youth minister logo on the back.Here is the front text.

Playing Halo is in my Job description

I know how many marshmallows I can hold in my mouth.
Do You?

I don’t like youth

No, I will not hold that for you (this one is a little more personal to me, I hate it when students try to get me to hold stuff for them like I am their mommy)

I am a senior pastor’s worst nightmare
(what’s wrong with Jello wrestling)

I am a budget committee’s worst nightmare
(we need a Apple G5 or we can’t worship God)

I am a custodian;s worst nightmare
("Sanctuary Shaving Cream Balloon Saturday" rules!)

I was a bad youth
God’s paying me back

I’ve got a great object lesson
someone help me find a verse

God still performs miracles…
cause I’m not making fun of you right now

Parents scare me

I’m not Santa
I don’t care who’s being bad

Some of those are taken from my 10 Confessions of an Average Youth Minster. The others are just my own weird mind. Ihave a few others that are of a slightly more spiritual nature. Thereare a a few ideas running around in my head about "hand’s on worship"but that is for another post. So what are some of your youth pastorshirt ideas. Along with your ideas let me know if this is somethingthat you would like to buy. The cool thing about cafepressis that they handle all of the money and all of the work. The bad thingis that they aren’t cheap. They are at least $15 and that is without alittle something coming back to me.

Even if you guys don’t want one, I really want a T-shirt that says "I don’t like youth"

One thought on “Youth Pastor T-Shirts

  • February 21, 2007 at 3:37 PM

    Love the shirt ideas! Especially the Halo one.


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