Youth Read This!!!!!!!!!

I had a big shock this morning when I looked at the comments from my post last night and found a comment from one of my youth. In all the stuff that goes on I have always tried to isolate. I hope they know how much their church loves them and how special a place Calvary really is. I posted a comment as a response to Payton that sums up the way I feel you can see it by clicking here and scrolling down to the comments.

One thought on “Youth Read This!!!!!!!!!

  • April 2, 2005 at 7:21 AM

    I just want to thank you & Meredith very much for everything ya’ll have done for the youth at Calvary. You have done an awesome job because you have not been afraid to get away from traditional worship. My children are better people for having known you. I think the thing that impressess me the most is the fact that you will call them personally and apologize when you are wrong.Also they always get a note telling them how amazing they are just when they need it the most. Keep up the good work.


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