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I talked a couple of days ago about questions that generated response. Tonight I took my normal lesson time and used it to let the students create the pieces for a Student Devotional Book that I am going to sell to my church members to help raise money for camp. I was worried about tonight mainly because I thought that my group would think it stupid and would spend more time cutting up than they did actually writing. But it was a good night. I haven’t looked through all of the responses yet, but I know that most of the students at least tried to write something.

So here is what I did. Yesterday during my prayer time I was inspired to do something different than I had originally planned. Instead of just one big questionnaire I set up 5 tables each with a different theme. On these tables were the questions that I wanted the students to answer. For 3 of the tables I had the students write their answers on separate sheets of paper and on 2 of them they wrote their answers on the question sheet. This was really just because putting the questions on the paper took up a bunch of room and I wanted to give students room to work.

 I broke the group into teams of 6 and sent them to a table. Then I gave them 7 minutes to work before rotating them to the next table. Students were encouraged to answer as many questions at they liked (they could answer all of them at that table or just spend their time digging into one of them.

I thought I would put the .pdf of the sheets that we used here in case you want them.  

One thought on “Youth Worship/Devotional Activity

  • February 23, 2008 at 6:01 AM

    I would be very interested in seeing the finished book! Lots of questions – we should all answer them and take a closer look at ourselves!


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