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I am a guy who loves the Internet. In fact I spend much of my day on the computer, but for all of that, I normally spend time looking for things that I can use or a few specific sites that send me information. I am not an avid Facebook user. I have never Twitted anything, and for me YouTube is just an easy place to put videos so that you guys can see them.

Well, tonight I am waiting for a video to upload to YouTube and so I spend some time just wandering around. I was amazed at the sheer number of people who are having theological discussions via YouTube through video blog type entries. It is wild.

I have 2 thoughts on this subject 1) It is eye opening to see so many people who exist outside of the deep south religion bubble that I live in. Sometimes I forget that much of this country sees Christianity in a negative light. 2) Is there really any way to win a theological argument on YouTube, or the Internet as a whole for that matter. In the end you are just trying to sound smarter than the other guy. This never works. People’s perceptions are changed not when we convince them with a better argument, but when we stop arguing and start living.

I have said it before, but if Christians were living out their faith then far fewer people would have misconceptions about the church. It is much easier to say that all Christians are close-minded and hate filled when you have never met one who loves you because you are a creation of God and who wants to serve you in that love. If more Christians were worried about living out the love of Jesus to their neighbors instead of trying to get new laws then maybe more people who see God instead of seeing us. We have to stop trying to legislate our faith and start to actually live it.

OK, I like the alliteration of legislate and live so I think I will end with that.

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